At KDN we are dedicated to bringing the power of real time real world information to improve the speed, efficiency and capability of the vehicle logistics industry in China.

We provide simple to use systems that allow shipments to be tracked, damage to be documented, and changes to be made mid-shipment to the whole industry.

We deliver easy ways to reduce ‘empty miles’ and helping to increase average load volumes and improving industry efficiency is our mission.

Welcome to the next revolution in vehicle delivery services



Use the power of online real time information to improve your business:

  • Capture time and location stamped photographic proof of damage at any point of shipment
  • Assess the extent and proof of the damage at any time or for insurance purposes
  • Track individual vehicles online through their journey to Dealership
  • Accurately manage expectations of when the vehicles will be delivered and see the real time progress of the truck in transit
  • Utilise electronic signatures and the delivery date, time and GPS location to provide irrefutable proof of where and when the delivery occurred


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Engage with the only online marketplace to:

  • Access more vehicles needing delivery shipments
  • Load your trucks more efficiently with fewer drops and closer together, less empty miles
  • Access more trucks with full delivery tracking capabilities to deliver vehicles
  • Find available truck capacity to move your excess freight in real time at real market rates
  • Improved process for allocating sub contract work
  • Use single system for allocating your own drivers and subcontracted drivers
  • Remove the manual process for working with 3rd parties
  • Simplify your collections process by linking your invoices to electronic proof of delivery


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CDN: Kaqu’s JV partners. Their experience abroad

CDN’s cloud platform facilitates Automotive Logistics trade by connecting 1000's of Auto Shippers, Auto Carriers, subhaulers and Delivery Agents together in real-time in the US and UK. CDN’s state of the art software powers the delivery of over 3 million vehicles annually for OEMs, shipper and carriers such as:

The CDN result. Shippers gain capacity, Carriers gain freight. Everyone gains visibility, control and data. The whole industry wins.
CDN customers are changing the way technology is used in automotive logistics and are challenging the status quo. Starting with tracking and electronic proof of delivery, we have redefined how a vehicle is delivered and released valuable online and real time information. CDN's award winning mobile application - vinDELIVER - is available to any Carrier and Shipper to download and use. It is the only app that supports sub haulers and trip leasing, as well as contracted and own vehicle deliveries in both the secondary and new markets. The application connects hundreds of carriers to thousands of drivers delivering single, multi-load and driven vehicles daily.



In use by thousands of drivers across the USA, Canada and Europe, KDN’s vinDELIVER is the simplest way for auto logistics carriers to collect information. The application is a simple "add on" to your existing Transport Management System (TMS), replacing the paper Proof Of Delivery with an 'electronic' copy or ePOD. vinDELIVER is fully OEM and shipper compliant. vinDELIVER also supports sub hauling and trip leasing ensuring your subcontractors are also ePOD compliant. So if you don't have an ePOD system or have one but now need to enable your subhaulers, download vinDELIVER today from {Chinese App Store}.

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Carriers, maximise the efficiency and capacity of your fleet through participating in the only online Auto Transport and Vehicle Delivery Marketplace. Shippers, manage your vehicle deliveries with the flexibility you need with a marketplace that delivers the best market price from a fleet of quality compliant carriers. vinDISPATCH is a free service that will find auto transport solution options at the best market prices from a network of quality Carriers with full ePOD and GPS tracking capabilities.

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About CDN

Car Delivery Network is a company of logistics technologists who passionately believe that modern software, combined with free thinking from like minded industry users, can bring positive benefits to automotive logistics service providers, shippers and their customers. At CDN, we do not accept the phrase of "because we have always done it that way". We constantly ask why and what if?